Most of our therapists have training in more than one area of expertise. In discussion with the client, it will be determined what approach you require. Our range of services will continue to expand, in response to developments in the area of bodywork, and clients’ needs and wishes. Some of the services provided by the Bilancia therapists at the moment are:

Massage (Therapeutic or Relaxation*)

Some massage effects:

  • eases muscle spasm
  • helps to maintain effective joint movement
  • enhances circulation (which improves elimination of waste products and assists cellular nutrition)
  • enables people to develop the capacity to relax, releasing endorphins (the ‘feel good” hormones) and deepening a sense of well-being
  • as with exercise, regular massage treatment gradually establishes significant changes

*Relaxation massage is beneficial when clients are not as physically robust or emotionally resilient

Bowen Technique

– a series of gentle rolling moves across connective tissue to re-align structural imbalances.

Some of the conditions that can respond well to Bowen treatment are:

  • muscular aches or pains
  • stress or depression
  • digestive conditions
  • headaches, including migraine
  • back and neck discomfort
  • after- effects of injuries


Can be safely used for anyone, and is a method of transferring universal life-giving energy. The therapist places their hands gently on the client’s body and the Reiki is experienced as deep relaxation and inner peace, and sometimes also warmth. It is not a religious practice.

Links (Massage) (Bowen) (research about all aspects of massage therapy)

Testimonials from Clients
Thankyou so much for your wonderful and diligent work with Rosemary. She appears so much calmer when I visit her now and I have not heard her yelling for a long time.

On behalf of our family, thankyou so much for your years of dedication and successful care of our dear Rosemary.

June L., sister of an Acquired Brain Injury client

There are many benefits I have derived regular massage over the past 15 years. It gets me back in touch with how my body actually feels and reminds me to attend to my body’s needs. In a world that is too busy I find it is easy to ignore my body and end up in a lot of pain. Massage short circuits this process.

Massage also helps my arthritic hip, reducing pain by dealing with the muscle spasms caused by my body’s response to the arthritis.This means I can to use less painkillers and helps my mobility.

As a psychologist, I need to attend to my own needs, before I can attend to my clients‘.”

Barbara Dickson, Psychologist. BA (Psych) B.Ed (Couns)

With regular Bowen treatments, my sense of health and well being is constantly improving. My stamina and mental acuity have also improved, and I have a feeling of being more attuned to my body.

Fiona Couttie, Secondary Teacher. BA Dip. Ed.